emacs, cygwin and more about linux and windows

Use the Emacs in Cygwin. Not XEmacs..Emacs. I just install everything from Cygwin and type the following to run Emacs:

XWin -multiwindow
export DISPLAY=:0.0

It may also help to create a link to your C drive (or any other drive) like so:

ln -s /cygdrive/c /c

I’ve been using this for several months and it always works well. I constantly use advanced features like TRAMP and subversion without any issues. All advanced packages like cedet just work.

If you hadn’t noticed, I am the original poster. After all of my research and attempts, this one worked and I am VERY PLEASED. Good job Cygwin!

Also, I recommend not using shell within Emacs. Utilities like top just don’t seem to work. Instead, use MinTTY and screen. Cygwin gives you ssh directly in MinTTY (you don’t need putty). The best part is that a lot of my Linux knowledge works seamlessly in Windows.


ref: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2075504/how-to-best-integrate-emacs-and-cygwin

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